2013 World Formula One Championship Re-flights Ferrari Team Officially Enter Hublot Time

The legendary Skuderia Ferrari team officially enters Hublot time

 In the past few months, the all-round cooperation between HUBLOT and Ferrari has achieved great success, and this unparalleled glory has also brought the cooperation between Hublot and this top Italian brand to a new level.

 The HUBLOT Hublot, which has become the ‘official timepiece’ and ‘official watch’ of Ferrari and Skuderia Ferrari team, will also be presented on the Ferrari team body and racer clothing on the F1 track in 2013. From the management of the Skuderia Ferrari team to the mechanics, the entire team is fully integrated into the HUBLOT family, igniting the infinite passion of Ferrari fans around the world with unprecedented magic.

 Ricardo Guadalupe, global CEO of HUBLOT, said, ‘In the past year, our cooperation with Ferrari has achieved great success at all levels around the world. Last year I We have met Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo and Ferrari Team Manager Stefano Domenicali several times at the Formula One Championship. They all agreed that it would be natural to further expand the cooperation between Hublot and Ferrari to the Skuderia Ferrari team, which will enable Hublot to closely accompany the legendary Red team to the global track, which is very exciting!

 Since the cooperation between Hublot and Ferrari in November 2011, the two sides have achieved results beyond imagination at all levels. More than 130 events have been held worldwide, and several limited-edition collaboration watches have been sold out. The brand image and visibility have been greatly enhanced, and the research and development design has been fruitful. All this has prompted Hublot to focus more on brand promotion and strategic cooperation with Skuderia Ferrari.

 This fruitful and comprehensive strategic partnership has also brought the cooperation between Hublot and Ferrari to an unprecedented height, injecting new vitality into the research and development and innovation represented by new materials for both parties.