Fantasy Journey Classic Infinite Cartier L’ Odyssée De Cartier Collection Achieves High Jewelry Style Legend

The world civilization keeps developing new meanings with the attitude of carrying forward the past. Beginning with Homer’s Epic, The Odyssey’s story not only describes the hero’s journey back home, but is also hailed as a roundabout journey through a difficult and fascinating fantasy journey. This journey means novelty and harvest, and it also means persistence after wind and rain. Just like Cartier’s century-long achievements in fine jewelry, it is like a legendary journey in style. It has never been constrained by territory, and constantly draws inspiration from it. It perfectly integrates classics and innovation, and moves forward.
 As a pioneer of fine jewelry and art, Cartier has always maintained an open inner desire to explore the aesthetics that transcend time and space, and the entire world has thus rested on the workbench of jewelry masters. L ‘Odyssée de Cartier collection of high-end jewelry embodies gorgeous scenery, while adhering to the ultimate aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship, it draws different creative inspirations from cities and Africa, two very different land, and writes with unique perspectives A tribute to high-end jewellery extends a journey of extraordinary style.

Fertile soil for creative and charming charm
 The city is the center of the world, and the epitome of modern society: speeding cars and streamers are concentrated in limited spaces, transformed into distinctive symbols, and imprinted with inspiration for travelers. Since the opening of No. 13 Heping Street, Louis Cartier has been keen to explore the lines of the city. The patterns and details derived from the building have already become one of the basic elements of the jewelry style. With the development of urban modernization, Cartier captures new symbols in the city, deepens the understanding of the city, and interprets the style and appearance of the current era with dynamic works.
 The city is a wonderful and magnificent stage, carrying cultural exchanges and integration, maintaining rapid development and full vitality is always the theme of the city. It is with this source of inspiration that Cartier, the jewellery master, has integrated two new concepts of speed and motion into Cartier’s aesthetic dictionary: drawing inspiration from the modern world full of geometric lines, sketching out with simple and cutting-edge designs and sophisticated inlaying methods The outline of the movement abstractly depicts the continuous flow of the city. In addition, the deep perspective conversion, the use of perspective and counter perspective, the symmetric structure and the mix of various elements, the clever color matching, these design details make the L ‘Odyssée de Cartier series of high-end jewelry full of dynamic beauty, but Without losing harmony. As a result, the visual image of the contemporary city is perfectly presented, just like a modern painting with a city theme. Overall, it is harmonious and orderly, but the details hide the conflicting emotions and fast-paced state.
 Here, we should pay special attention to how to express the speed and movement naturally and cleverly, so that the magical and magical crafts can bring out the city’s smart charm. Just like the L ‘Odyssée de Cartier series high jewelry bracelet, it looks like a fluttering silk reel: pink topaz processed by pillow-shaped cutting process is neatly arranged, while a double ribbon with diamond and onyx surrounds it; The two ends of the bracelet are opposite to each other and are designed in a round shape with a drop shape. The clever impact of pink, white and black gives the overall tone a gradual, wavelike effect. The same earrings use a similar shape design, with white gems at the end, pouring out like a bustling traffic stream. The other high-end jewelry necklace and earrings are designed to create a symmetrical overall geometric shape: the necklace is composed of three thin chains, which are alternately inlaid with round cut diamonds and cylindrical onyx, and are set in the middle of the sides There are two carved red tourmalines, whose warm tones intersect with black and white contrasting colors; the same pattern repeats regularly, and the combination of different elements creates a perfect geometric shape, just like a lush urban landscape, fascinating.

L’ Odyssée de Cartier bracelet: platinum, four pink topaz, total weight 13.11 carats, diamonds, black lacquer.

L’ Odyssée de Cartier earrings: platinum, two pink topaz, total weight 5.91 carats, diamonds, black lacquer.

L’ Odyssée de Cartier necklace: platinum, two carved red tourmalines, total weight 49.50 carats, onyx.

L’ Odyssée de Cartier earrings: platinum, two pear-shaped red tourmalines, onyx, diamonds.

L’ Odyssée de Cartier bracelet: platinum, cushion diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds

L’ Odyssée de Cartier bracelet: white gold, 63.66 carat pear-shaped diamond, crystal, brilliant-cut diamond

Wild Africa Unleashes the wild passion
 The vast land, abundant colors and precious and rare materials … Africa, with its original power, meets Cartier, who has deep French elegance, and meets with a strong light. Cartier’s L’Odyssée de Cartier series of high-end jewelry expands the source of inspiration from the region, interprets the original spirituality advocated by Cartier in a series of new forms, and injects it into gems with superb craftsmanship, thereby creating a brand new Aesthetics: free and passionate.
 Africa is the cradle of gems. Gold red hair crystal, obsidian, golden topaz … rare gems that give birth to warmth and life, reproduce the African charm. Similarly, the colors of the sun and the earth, beautiful traditional patterns, and sturdy animal images all hide Cartier’s core craftsmanship behind these elements. L’ Odyssée de Cartier series of high-level jewelry designers accurately capture the charm of Africa, designed this set of light and shadow jewelry: half-moon obsidian like layers of flowing waves, falling into the convex round gold crystals below. Bright and vivid gems are embedded in the repeating geometric figures to form a layered ring, which is as radiant as the sun shining on the African continent.
 Jewelry masters need to overcome countless constraints before finally achieving the ideal balance between form and connotation, flexibility and light texture, and obtaining a perfect work. Cartier haute jewellery necklaces, made of brown diamond beads and paved gems, seem simple, but intricate. As the center of the entire necklace, the convex round gold and red hair crystals surround a circle of gray gold, as if suspended in the air. Without any pawl or base, only the outstanding design is elegantly presented at the background, showing the balance, beauty and brilliance of materials and forms. Bracelets and rings also continue the same form: the central main stone is separated from the metal base, and stands prominently above the dome-shaped support. The brackets are paved with diamonds on both sides and dark obsidian on the edges.

L’ Odyssée de Cartier necklace: white gold, a 21.13-carat cut orange tourmaline, convex cut gold red hair crystals, garnet beads, brown diamond beads, obsidian, brilliant-cut diamonds

L’ Odyssée de Cartier necklace hand drawing

L’ Odyssée de Cartier bracelet: white gold, 88.73 carats cabochon-cut brown tourmaline, obsidian, brilliant-cut diamond

L’ Odyssée de Cartier ring: white gold, a 33.42-carat brown tourmaline, obsidian, brilliant-cut diamond

 Another high jewelry bracelet exaggerates the traditional African patterns, and the realistic and fine craftsmanship perfectly reproduces the real texture of zebra fur. Delicate and subtle carving, showing dizzying visual effects. The entire work is paved with the ‘fur inlay method’. The jeweller must insert a piece of bright-cut diamonds into the interwoven meshes in the middle of the irregular onyx stripes, as a jigsaw puzzle, to form an extremely complex fur. Pattern. The onyx surface is polished, and the middle ridge is inlaid with a bright garnet, giving a rich and delicate emotional experience. How to find the right proportion, not only completely retain the light and shadow effects of the hollow precious metal, but also harmoniously implant the paved diamonds and onyx elements, is the first major challenge that the jewelry master must face. Each black stripe is unique, consisting of tiny onyx, each cut individually and inlaid on the base. Grey lace cutout metal base with diamonds of different sizes. The perfection of the onyx cutting ensures that the entire piece is integrated.

L’ Odyssée de Cartier ring: white gold, a 31.36 carat cabochon-cut tourmaline, onyx, garnet, brilliant-cut diamond

L’ Odyssée de Cartier bracelet: white gold, onyx, garnet, brilliant-cut diamonds

 L’ Odyssée de Cartier Bracelet Craft Drawing

Journey to the world
 From Cartier’s point of view, the Odyssey of high jewellery is more than a journey. It spans more than a hundred years of time and space throughout the world. Under the baptism of time, it slowly carved out the L’Odyssée de Cartier high jewellery series. Unique and valuable personality-through the superimposed combination of multiple inspirations, to show the pure Cartier style.
 The Eastern Kingdom, always known and loved by Cartier, is a journey beyond time and space, passing through India and China. Geometric patterns, star designs, precious grid structures, playful transparency and materials, blue and green contrasts, Cartier’s oriental palette continues to be rich and rich … India with a long history adds a touch of Cartier’s style journey Intense colors. Ruby balls, emerald carvings, and magnificent colored gems have created an original ‘fruit bag’ style and various large-volume jewelry pieces. And silk, ceramics and lacquerware … these exotic and exotic origins from China also light up the creative trend in the West. Cartier is deeply attracted by materials, designs and images full of Chinese characteristics. From a professional and unique perspective, he reexamines the inherent beauty of this ancient country. He uses superb craftsmanship to share the pioneering spirit with China’s deep cultural heritage and let the Western decoration Harmony coexists with traditional oriental art.
 L’ Odyssée de Cartier’s high-end jewelry series further explores in the oriental field with great achievements, and reinterprets ancient ceremony jewellery. These luxurious necklaces are exquisitely exquisite and set with bright diamonds, which is another design work of Cartier.

L’ Odyssée de Cartier necklace: platinum, a 67.94 carat carved sapphire, sapphire and emerald bead, brilliant-cut diamond

 The first bead chain was strung

 Craftsman hides the connection of the first bead chain behind the pendant in the middle

 Place the first bead chain and test its balance

 L’ Odyssée de Cartier bracelet: platinum, a 66.43 carat carved red tourmaline, onyx, brilliant-cut diamond

 Bracelet without gems

 Throughout the long journey of style, Cartier’s exploration footprint is the same as Odyssey. No matter in the modern city or in the wild land of Africa, Cartier can collect new materials, grasp the pulse of the times, use gems as the language, craftsmanship as the song, and pass the praise of inspiration to the world. As a leader in the field of fine jewelry, Cartier is still exploring on his creative journey, challenging himself, leading the style trend, and creating unlimited possibilities!