Complicated Craft Watch Mechanical Highlights Male Charm

The rotating face plate must be driven by the movement through the transmission gear. To some extent, it can be regarded as an extension of the movement. Therefore, if the rotating face plate is integrated into the movement as a display function A kind of interface, then the rotating faceplate will be further promoted from pure visual art performance to the level of craftsmanship.

Demonstrate the functionality of complex processes
Generally speaking, the functions that can be presented more by combining with the rotating faceplate, of course, it is better to have ‘rotation’ characteristics, such as a tourbillon or caruso. Firstly, the tourbillon or Carloso often makes exposed appearances in the design. Secondly, these two devices are wrapped and operated in a continuously rotating frame. Combining such a rotating frame with other designs can produce a lot of possibility.
The more well-known example is Freak from Ulysse Nardin, a highly controversial watch whose design concept is to use the entire movement outside the barrel as a pointer to run around the watch. The face plate of the load gear train and escapement system is driven by a huge barrel hidden underneath. The frequency of the escape train feedback to the gear train controls the speed of the entire gear train. At the same time, it also achieves the purpose of rotating the escape train. Like the tourbillon, it can offset the adverse effects of the unidirectional gravity on the escapement system. From a certain point of view, Freak watches are a revolutionary design that should be remembered in the history of horology. Even in the early days, the performance of the movement was unstable due to the excessive energy consumption of the movement, but it was later tried on the escapement. The new material has significantly reduced the energy consumption of the escapement, improved stability and performance, and has also become a pioneer in the use of silicon in the field of professional watchmaking; even in 2010, it also switched to a tourbillon to replace the two-way escapement system. This makes this Freak Diavolo a veritable hybrid demon king of tourbillon and caruso.
Another watch that also combines the tourbillon and rotating dial design, and also caused a sensation when it was launched is Breguet’s 5347 double rotating tourbillon TwinRotating Tourbillon. After all, as the inventor of the tourbillon device, Breguet is quite reasonable to want to play some creative ideas on the tourbillon device. This double-rotating tourbillon is to some extent inherited the original intention of the master of Breguet to invent a tourbillon device in order to provide clocks with more accurate and stable operation. Through two independent rotations and the orbiting revolution Double-correcting the operating frequency, and then feeding the watch with the average frequency obtained as the operating frequency, ‘theoretically’ it can improve the accuracy of the watch by twice. In design, the watch’s dual-rotary tourbillon escapement is carried by a rotating disc and driven by a separate transmission wheel train. The axis of the two tourbillon devices is connected to the central rotating disc and The time display mechanism transmits the average frequency of the two tourbillons back to the movement. The rotating face plate is driven by a double tourbillon that revolves in a 12-hour cycle, so the crossbar connecting the two tourbillons is also extended as an indicator. Hour hand.