Implant Jewelry Design Background Richard Mille Rm 71-01 Talisman

RM 71-01 Talisman self-winding women’s tourbillon watch comes out in a moving manner, entrusting RICHARD MILLE’s commitment to create women’s watches. This watch is equipped with a newly developed self-winding tourbillon movement. At the same time, it has a slim shape and excellent performance. It is decorated with sparkling diamonds, pure mother-of-pearl, charming onyx and black sapphire. This watch The ten design versions of the design are wonderful, fully combining cutting-edge technology and exquisite high-end jewelry art.

RICHARD MILLE launches the new RM 71-01 Talisman self-winding women’s tourbillon watch, which is named after the ‘talisman’ and draws inspiration from the fields of decorative arts, tribal arts-masks, African sculptures, etc. The brand launched a total of ten different Case and dial design

RICHARD MILLE has always been good at showing Jiayi and wonders in unexpected ways, and has an endless pursuit at the creative level. The RM 71-01 ladies’ watch series opens a new door for RICHARD MILLE women. Mr. Mille said: ‘As we all know, we have been drawing inspiration from the racing and aviation industry to launch a series of amazing high-tech, high-performance watches. However, ladies’ watches have accounted for a considerable portion of our sales in recent years. Large proportion. This means that we need an innovative and talented modern woman to inject new energy into us and take the women’s watch collection to a whole new level. Ms. Cécile Guenat is my friend and business partner Dominique She accepts this challenge and is willing to overcome all technical obstacles, break out of stereotypes, and make unremitting efforts to establish a unique modern style for the brand. ‘

The watch is equipped with the eighth brand CRMT1 movement produced by RICHARD MILLE. The thickness is less than 6.2mm and the weight is only 8 grams. It is firmly placed in a white or rose gold case.

Dating back three years ago, Ms. Cécile, who is now the director of the RICHARD MILLE women’s watch series, was invited to join the company for the first time to design a new series of watches. At that time, Ms. Cécile had little success in the fine jewelry industry, and the invitation was irresistible to the young woman. After graduating from the Geneva School of Art and Design, Ms. Cécile worked for a jeweller in Lausanne, and then studied with a London jewellery designer, where she created a range of haute couture workshops and brand designs works. From the drawing of the initial sketch to the selection of gemstones, Ms. Cécile Guenat has been meticulous in every aspect, paying great attention to details, outstanding talent and enthusiasm for work, making her a lucky girl in the jewellery and watchmaking palace.

Different models of RM 71-01 Talisman face plate will also vary

Talisman, metaphorical amulet. The term is reminiscent of the mysterious power of protection. The mysterious fusion of Tribal arts and Art Deco creates this series of watches. Ms. Cécile Guenat said frankly, ‘My work is the product of the intersection of different influences. In designing this series, I not only referenced the decorative arts, but also took inspiration from tribal arts-masks, African sculptures, etc., and they inspired all great modern It has a very deep influence on contemporary artists. The sharp contrast, geometric shapes and sacredness of those artworks have me deeply fascinated. Through the fusion of content and form, they magically outline the designs that are now available. ‘ The combination concept of the series has taken shape as early as the initial drafting stage. A variety of different interpretations of this concept have emerged, and ten different styles of case and surface dial have finally been obtained. Ms. Cécile Guenat is determined to highlight the charm of the skeletonized movement, and through the setting and engraving of the case, many possibilities are realized. Against the backdrop of dazzling gems, the contour of the face plate presents two completely different worlds, a vibrant nature, and a sexy modern city.

Case setting process

The RM 71-01 Talisman self-winding women’s tourbillon watch is a veritable masterpiece in every sense. It perfectly integrates the design of high jewelry and watch, so that the two are not in conflict. Whether it is the design of the movement, the dial or the case, the sparks of the collision of aesthetics, technology and visual art are everywhere. Mr. Richard Mille explained, ‘This is a unique and classic watch. In order to highlight its uniqueness, we want to combine this outstanding design with strong technical strength. Therefore, the brand’s first self-winding tourbillon The movement was born! It is not just the uniqueness that attracts people’s attention. Its extraordinary technical characteristics-performance, reliability and amazing hand-crafting and processing, are even more refreshing. ‘ At the same time, RICHARD MILLE launched the eighth self-produced movement CRMT1. The bottom plate of the movement protects the tourbillon from rotating while retaining its visibility. The movement also has a hollow and iconic wine barrel shape. The whole body is coated with titanium alloy. The thickness is less than 6.2mm and the weight is only 8 grams. It is firmly placed in a case made of white or rose gold.

The dial design combines mediums such as diamonds, mother-of-pearl, onyx and black sapphire to match the variety of the watch.

All watchmaking workshops have such a consensus: the real beauty of a watch lies in the fact that once it is completed and stunning, it is enough to eliminate all the hard work and time on the workbench. Mr. Salvador Arbona, Technical Director of the Movement, said, ‘The first challenge we faced was to create a self-winding tourbillon movement that could be mounted in a narrow, curved case of RM 037; the second challenge was to comply with All our performance standards can meet the requirements, whether it is timekeeping, automatic winding or shock resistance. ‘This ladies watch is not a fragile one, Mr. Salvador Arbona pointed out,’ It is designed for daily wear. The design also appropriately reflects the mechanism of automatic winding. The structural design is unobtrusive, highlighting the decoration of the face plate, hands and interior and exterior. ‘

The watch is designed for daily wear, which appropriately reflects the mechanism of automatic winding. The structural design is unobtrusive, highlighting the decoration of the face plate, hands and interior and exterior

Ms. Cécile Guenat insists on finding the most suitable jewelry design for the complex mechanical structure of the brand. This watch has unprecedentedly combined so many craftsmanship: jewelry craftsmen, faceplate craftsmen and watchmakers have overcome various difficulties to create this extraordinary work. The hollowing out process, inlaying process and face plate making are the ideal combination of craftsmanship and aesthetics, and the movement itself is the embodiment of perfect proportions. When the gears started rolling, such a tight combination worked wonders.

The sculpted matte finish on the case back complements the sparkling gemstones and other polished surfaces

The RM 71-01 radiates bright light in all directions, making it impossible to determine the source of charm. Each gemstone sets off the beauty of the movement from the inside out. Ten different styles of the face plate resemble a laurel crown, presented on the tourbillon. Each face plate is hand-inlaid and only 0.9mm thick. This part requires a large number of different surface treatments: sandblasting, polishing, inlaying, all processes are implemented in multiple layers on a very small area, thereby overcoming huge technical challenges. The bezel is decorated with staggered stones. The number, shape and size of the stones vary according to each design version. The caseback is engraved with a matte finish that complements the sparkling gems and other polished surfaces.

RM 71-01 Talisman

White gold or rose gold material / CRMT1 self-winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / tourbillon device / diamond setting / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 52.2×34.4mm– –