Louis Vuitton Launches New Tambour Damier Graphite Watch

The day before yesterday, we introduced the first of two new works of the Louis Vuitton Tambour series, namely the Monogram watch. Today, let’s take a look at the second model-DamierGraphite.

   Compared to the TamburMonogram, the TamburDamierGraphite is only 41.5 mm in size, but it is also a three-pin stainless steel watch driven by a quartz movement. As the name suggests, the dial (made by the dial experts at the LaFabriqueduTemps workshop in Geneva) and the strap use the famous DamierGraphite pattern. This pattern consists of two shades of gray and is used by Louis Vuitton to decorate many leather accessories and bags.

   The new TamborDamierGraphite watch features a bright blue small second hand, and is equipped with an interchangeable strap (applied to Louis Vuitton’s patented replacement system) and a stainless steel pin buckle. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Bauchilai Arrival Jiadihua Limited Edition Watch Colorful Listing

Beautiful, bright colors, crystal clear, extremely tough and permanent, these are the reasons why jewelry lovers love gems. With countless royal families, myths and magical legends, like the sapphire fascinating ancient country of India, her charming and exotic colors inspired Bucherer to inlay precious sapphires on the limited edition watches of the Aristocrat Collection. The precious jewellery watches are inlaid with sapphire or orange gemstones, and are limited to 25 in the world. This series of watches has become a treasure of treasures, which is highly collectible.

Long-lasting life

 In Indian tradition, color is used to praise all creation, and it can also affect human destiny and health. Just like music, color allows us to taste the subtleties of life. In India, sky blue represents purity and the beginning of the world. The legendary incarnation of the god of the universe, Krishna (Krishna), likes to seduce women with an orange-yellow waistband. He also uses blue and orange as bait, showing the power of these two colors. Sapphire is a symbol of longevity and authenticity in life, and it also expresses human love and hope.

Brilliant Jewelry

 ‘Color’ in Indian text means rhythm, feel, and paint. The Aristocrat watch series accurately grasps the rhythm of time, and with its impeccable exquisite shape and dazzling gemstones, it perfectly interprets the meaning of color. In this collection, Bucherer puts its exquisite horological skills and outstanding jewellery inlaid into the collection. The Yalika Regal series has an eye-catching 1 3/4 inch x 1 1/4 inch large case, which feels the atmosphere of the oncoming era; the feminine charm and unique appearance make the wearer more revealing. A charming and elegant temperament, it is the first choice for ladies with noble lifestyle taste. Tough jewels make this watch easy to wear and maintain, so that women can express themselves without restraint. The unique personality displayed by the Bucherer-Alika series combines taste and elegance, freshness and unrestrainedness, which reflects Bucherer’s commitment to the pursuit of perfection.