Is The Threshold Of Vacheron Constantin’s New Watch High Or Low?

Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet. In the traditional Swiss watchmaking ‘troika’, Vacheron Constantin’s watch series are more, the frequency of new watches is higher, Vacheron Constantin’s choice is more when buying a watch. Anyone who cares about watches knows that this year Vacheron Constantin has released a new 56 series (official name is FIFTYSIX Wu Luzhi series, which means the number 56). When the Vacheron Constantin 56 series first appeared, people from all over the world were ‘shocked’ at that time, because not only the new 56 series included a steel watch, but also the price of one of the big three-handed steel watches fell directly below 100,000, and the public price was only 8 10,000, is the cheapest Vacheron Constantin. So many people directly refer to the 56 series as Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Getting Started Series’ and bring people a kind. This time with the 56 series, there is no pressure on Vacheron Constantin. However, the reality may not be so simple. The ‘gate’ of Vacheron Constantin 56 is not so good.

The full lineup of Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 series, including full-calendar moon phases, day of the week calendar, junior hand.
 Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 series contains three types of watches: three hands, calendar of the week (also known as DD), full moon phase. All three watches are available in steel and gold versions. Compared to Vacheron Constantin, which has always been dominated by gold watches, this time the 56 series has gold and steel, which is the conscience of the industry. Let’s take a closer look.
Vacheron Constantin 56 Full Moon Phase
 The price of steel shell version is 175,000, the price of gold shell version is 273000

Vacheron Constantin 56 full moon phases, gold shell (left) and steel shell (right)
 When Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 series was just announced, many players were immersed in ‘the dream of Vacheron Constantin only 89,000’, but when people saw the full-calendar moon phase in the 56 series, many senior players immediately woke up and realized The Vacheron Constantin 56 series is not a simple entry series. The steel shell version has a monthly price of more than 170,000 yuan, which is not low at all.

Gold Shell 56 Full Moon Phase
 We can tell by just comparing them. Such as Blancpain steel case 6654, IWC steel case Fei Fei, Glashütte original steel case 91, these relatively high-end steel watches, the public price is generally in the early 100,000, the price of 112,000. Obviously, Vacheron Constantin still maintains the constant price level of the ‘troika’.

Steel case 56 full calendar moon phase
 The watch is basically a penny, and a high price corresponds to high quality. If you take a closer look, you will find that the quality and configuration of the Vacheron Constantin 56 series full-calendar moon phase watch is very good. Vacheron Constantin’s 56-calendar moon phase case combines the characteristics of a round case and a turtle back case, plus the luminous surface of the disc, which has sports characteristics. The digital hour markers and luminous bars on the watch face are staggered, and the dial center, outer ring and calendar ring are decorated with 3 different types. The center is frosted grain decoration, the outer ring is sun brushed, the calendar ring is concentric circular pattern. The decoration is in place. The Vacheron Constantin 56 full moon phase uses a 2460 movement. The 2460 movement is one of Vacheron Constantin’s main self-produced automatic movements. The movement board is very beautiful. With the Geneva mark, the polishing decoration of the movement is also top-level.
Vacheron Constantin 56 week calendar

The price of the steel shell version is 133,000, and the price of the gold shell version is 248000.

Vacheron Constantin’s new 56-week calendar, gold case (left) and steel case (right)
 Less mentioned in the Vacheron Constantin 56 series is this week calendar. The price of this watch is between full-calendar moon phases and a three-hand calendar. From the perspective of a weekly calendar, Vacheron Constantin’s 56-week calendar is still a watch with a fair price regardless of whether it is a gold or steel case.
 Let’s compare them. One of the most famous weekly calendars in the world of watches is Rolex’s DAY DATE. Rolex DD has always only launched gold watches, of which the 118138 price of the belt version is more than 170,000 (gold head belt). We can see that the 56-week calendar (golden head belt) of Vacheron Constantin with a gold shell is more than 240,000. Vacheron Constantin’s 56-week calendar is in line with Vacheron Constantin’s consistent positioning and is normal.

Gold Shell 56 Week Calendar
 At the same time, we can see that the configuration and quality of Vacheron Constantin’s 56-week calendar is also at the mainstream level of Vacheron Constantin. 40 mm case, the same size as the full moon phase. Although the weekly calendar canceled the calendar ring on the outermost circle of the full-calendar moon phase dial, the scale on the outermost circle of the dial is still decorated with concentric circles. The 9 o’clock position on the dial is the day indication, the 3 o’clock position is the date indication, and the power indicator is 6 o’clock. The week dial and date dial are decorated with record patterns, and the details are in place. Vacheron Constantin’s 56-week calendar uses a 2475 movement. The 2475 and 2450/2460 movements are essentially a movement with the Geneva mark. They are Vacheron Constantin’s main movements, maintaining Vacheron Constantin’s high level.

56 week calendar in steel case
 Obviously, Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 series full-calendar moon phase and weekly calendar two watches are completely the level of Vacheron Constantin mainstream watches, quality and public price are Vacheron Constantin’s consistent level. Therefore, some foreign players have also pointed out that the two calendar moon phase and weekly calendar watches are definitely not entry-level watches.
Vacheron Constantin’s 56th and 3rd pin at a price of 89,000 is a ‘smoke bomb’.
 The price of steel shell version is 89000, the price of gold shell version is 149000

Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 junior pin, gold case (left) and steel case (right).
 Vacheron Constantin’s biggest news this year is a steel case 56 big three pin with a public price of only 89,000. This watch is like a ‘smoke bomb’, and everyone has been ‘rectified’, thinking that the threshold of Vacheron Constantin has been lowered. However, in fact, Vacheron Constantin also stated that the watch was intended to attract young people, so the public price was deliberately reduced. The reason why the Vacheron Constantin steel case 56 has a low public price is that many people already know the reason. One is the steel case, and the other is that the movement does not have the Geneva mark. The movement used by Vacheron Constantin Steel Case 56 is the common movement provided by Richemont to Cartier, Piaget and Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin No. 1326). So some players think that this movement is not regarded as Vacheron Constantin’s self-produced movement.

Vacheron Constantin new 56 large three-pin
 Several of Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 series watches, full-calendar moon phases and weekly calendars are standard versions of Vacheron Constantin. The cheapest steel shell 56 big and small pins are very similar to 1.5T BMW, 3-cylinder BMW, and also BMW. 3 cylinders are enough, but you want to experience the power, 3 cylinders is definitely not enough (i8 3 cylinders are not counted).
 In addition, Vacheron Constantin’s 56 series should be listed on September 1st, because the three-pin steel case is very affordable, so many people have booked before the sale. Although the three-piece steel case is currently Vacheron Constantin’s most personal watch, according to the current supply and demand situation, the lower the public price, the more popular the watch will be the most demanding watch.