Senior Women’s Watches-some Watches Are Called ‘mysterious Watches’

In the world of high-end watches, there is a timepiece often called ‘mystery’. The reason why it is called mystery is because when you first met, you would not know It is also a watch. He looks like a luxurious necklace, or a beautiful bracelet, or an elegant brooch … but in fact, it is also a timepiece, with a mystery, beyond jewelry and timepieces … And such a landscape can only be seen in the world of high-end women’s watches.

Necklaces and timepieces
   For jewelry timepieces between necklaces and watches, in fact, this category is rare, and brands willing to spend their time on it are also a few jewelry watch brands capable of performing both jewelry and watch business. Therefore, there are few brands and products for customizing this jewellery timepiece, but almost every piece of work will be eye-catching.
Harry Winston Harry Winston Feather Necklace Watch

   When it comes to necklace watches, first of all, I still think of this feather-like necklace watch by Harry Winston, which was introduced at the Basel International High Jewellery Watch Exhibition in 2012. It was this bold design that subverted my initial imagination of the watch. After that, even after seeing more amazing designs, there was no surging and excitement.
   The biggest highlight of this work is the colorful feather decoration. Not only can the pendant worn independently as a brooch be decorated with feathers, the dial of the watch is also decorated with the same texture and color feathers. This work is not only inferior to high jewelry, but also has original charm as a timepiece.
Earl PIAGET LIMELIGHT Mysterious Necklace Watch

   White mother-of-pearl dial with Piaget 56P movement, unique style, number G0A40618.
   Piaget, a luxury jewellery and watch brand, has always been able to interpret the design of jewellery and watch timepieces, and loves it. Especially in the past two years, Piaget has always been able to play new heights for necklace watches. At this year’s Hong Kong Asian Haute Horlogerie Show, Piaget has launched several masterpieces of jewellery watches, including this PIAGET LIMELIGHT mysterious necklace watch.
   Piaget’s craftsman presents star-shaped geometric patterns with 18K rose gold openwork carving. This ancient totem pattern is inspired by architectural elements in the ancient city of Samarkand. The whole necklace is exquisitely set with diamonds, which shines gorgeously. The bigger ‘spigot’ is the mysterious timepiece hidden under the 18K rose gold necklace. It also integrates the geometric shape with the whole necklace, allowing the wearer to experience unlimited mystery fun when reading time.
CHAUMET Lumières d’ eau Necklace Watch

Champagne Paris Water Light Series “Early Snow” Set Platinum High Jewellery Watch
   This is also an orphan timepiece. The rhodium-plated white gold hexagonal case timepiece is embedded in a drop-shaped pendant carved with colorless crystal stones, so that the timepiece and jewelry pendant perfectly blend. The entire pendant and necklace is patterned with 613 brilliant-cut diamonds embellished with snowflakes, echoing the theme of this series ‘Early Snow’. The hexagonal timepiece features a mother-of-pearl dial, four diamond indexes, a quartz movement, and a two-button system on both sides of the pendant.
Bracelets and timepieces
   When it comes to bracelets and watches, it is really the most common category in high-end women’s watches. Many and many women’s watches have designs beyond the scope of jewelry and watches, and are called jewelry watches. These treasures turned into women’s designs are more advanced than jewelry and more beautiful than watches. Here we come to appreciate one or two representative gorgeous masterpieces.
Piaget Secrets of Venice High Jewellery Bracelet Watch

   The Piaget 56P movement is limited to 3 pieces and is engraved with the independent number G0A40578.
   This jewellery timepiece, which is both a bracelet and a watch, has achieved a high appearance rate after the Hong Kong Asian Horological Fair. Of course, here I have to mention again, this is really a model of jewelry watches. The design of the hollow diamond decoration pattern on the bracelet is inspired by the bridge of sighs of Venice in Water City, which translates the ancient emotional tone into a modern beauty.
Chaumet Paris Lumières d’ eau Water Light Jewellery Watch

Chaumet concealed platinum water jewellery watch in Paris
   This watch is also known for its ‘mystery’. If you do not open the cover that hides the case, this piece will be a gorgeous high-set bracelet jewelry. Rhodium-plated white gold is set with 986 brilliant-cut diamonds to imitate the attitude and color of water, which fits the theme of ‘light of water’. Hidden inside is a mother-of-pearl dial set with 4 diamond hour markers and a Swiss quartz movement. It is also a precious orphan.
Vacheron Constantin Heures Créatives Heure Discrète

   This fan-shaped timepiece is sure to be familiar to everyone, and that is the Heures Créatives series of Art Deco Heure Discrète ladies’ watches that Vacheron Constantin debuted at the 2015 Hong Kong Asian Horological Watch Exhibition, inspired by the popular ladies at the time Folding fan. In fact, Vacheron Constantin’s three works launched simultaneously in the Heures Créatives series are remarkable, which respectively represent the aesthetic characteristics of three important artistic trends of the twentieth century, including the Heure Discrète watch in the shape of a ‘folding fan’. Most are stealing the shot. The timepiece of the watch is hidden in the Art Deco-shaped folding fan shape. If you want to read it, you can peek into the delicate striped white mother-of-pearl dial window and its two hands when you rotate the fan. As a brand with deep watchmaking strength, Vacheron Constantin chose the extremely precise 1055 manual movement for this timepiece with a power reserve of about 40 hours.
Unbelievable ring and brooch timepieces
   Designs that combine timepieces with rings or brooches in jewelry are rare. Fortunately, such models exist in high-end women’s watches. The wrist watch can be many and very common, but a brooch watch or ring watch is really rare and rare.

GRAFF Mystic Sapphire and Diamond Double Brooch Mysterious Watch with 40.62 Carat Diamonds and 332.13 Carat Sapphire

Graff Red Tourmaline Mysterious Ring Watch

   The natural red tourmaline flower carved with exquisite gemstone carving technology is used as the cover, and you can admire the hidden dial with a simple push. The flower-shaped red tourmaline cover weighs 34.22 carats, and the bezel and setting are set against pavé diamonds.