How To Buy A Tissot Watch In Hong Kong, How Good Is A Tissot Watch In Hong Kong? How Much Is A Tissot Watch In Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most prosperous international cities, directly connected to the world. The bustling and fashionable here is a good place for tourism and shopping. Everyone knows that there is no need to consider tariffs when shopping in Hong Kong. Therefore, the goods are much cheaper than the mainland, which is more fully reflected in luxury jewelry. This is why people go to Hong Kong to buy luxury jewelry. Many watches also belong to the category of luxury jewelry, so how about buying a Tissot watch in Hong Kong? How much is it? What should you pay attention to? Here is a watch home for you to introduce!

I. Is it good to buy a Tissot watch in Hong Kong? Not all watches are cost-effective to buy in Hong Kong!

   Why not all watches are cost-effective to buy in Hong Kong? Each brand has a mainland price and a Hong Kong price. The calculation method is: mainland price (RMB) × multiple = Hong Kong price (Hong Kong dollar). Such as:

   Omega: Mainland public price × 1.06 is about Hong Kong public price.

   Rolex: Mainland public price × 0.94 is about Hong Kong public price.

   Longines: Mainland price × 1.045 is about Hong Kong price.

   In this way, it is not difficult to find that the more expensive watches in the Mainland are the cheaper in Hong Kong.

   Like some top brands and luxury brands such as: Breguet, Piaget, Cartier, Rolex, Omega and other watch homes are still recommended to buy in Hong Kong. For people-friendly brands like Tissot, we do not recommend that you go to Hong Kong to buy it. When buying a watch in Hong Kong, in addition to the price of the watch itself, you must also consider the cost of travel and other costs.

2. How much does it cost to buy a Tissot watch in Hong Kong? Which watch store is the best deal?

   The price of all watches in Hong Kong is the same. The difference is that different watch shops offer different discounts. It is roughly divided into official discounts and acquaintance discounts. Official discount refers to the official unified external discount; acquaintance discount: VIP discount for internal sales of watch stores, and the discount will generally be between 5% and 25%. Acquaintance discounts are cheaper.

What should I pay attention to when buying a Tissot watch in Hong Kong?

   This is also one of the topics that everyone cares about most. After all, no one wants to buy fake goods. However, you can rest assured that the watch shops in Hong Kong do not buy fakes. In Hong Kong law, penalties for selling fake goods are very severe. Although there are no fakes, there may be parallel imports, so everyone still has to learn how to distinguish parallel imports.

   Parallel imports are products that are officially released in other countries. Although these products are also genuine, but there is no sales order number in China, let alone the National Warranty! Therefore, it is best for you to buy licensed, try to buy from a regular and reputable licensed authorization form.

   When purchasing a watch in Hong Kong, you should carefully check a watch information card (commonly known as ‘birth paper’) that comes with the watch. The front of the card is marked with the sales area number and watch number, and the reverse is printed with the name of the agent. . After buying the watch, the agent will put the sales information on that card for maintenance and certification. Take Longines as an example. The area code of Hong Kong is 6126. If the buyer finds that this number is not on the card, it means that the watch is not a genuine agent in Hong Kong. There will be a certain risk when buying. Each genuine licensed watch has a globally unique number, which can be found on the ‘Birth Paper’ and on the side of the dial, and the two numbers are the same. If all this information is complete, this watch should be a genuine agent product. The true ‘birth paper’ has clear shading and clear handwriting, while the fake ‘birth paper’ is often rough. In addition, it also depends on whether the serial number and watch model on the ‘Birth Paper’ are the same as those engraved on the case bottom or lugs.

   Due to the advanced technology, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, especially if the merchant modifies the old genuine watch by himself, such as adding diamonds and other original products. At this time, it is difficult for consumers to determine the authenticity. The most direct and simple way is to take the watch to the brand after-sale, and say that the watch has a problem. Stop and go, and let the service staff detect it. If it is true or false, the fake product will not be repaired after sale.

Where to buy a Tissot watch in Hong Kong?
   There are many well-known watch shops in Hong Kong, such as Oriental Watch Store, Prince Watch Store, Emperor Watches, and so on. However, these watch lines are mainly high-end watches, and there are not many styles of people-friendly brand watches. In some watch stores on the trend zone in Mong Kok, Tissot is a well-established brand. Also in Causeway Bay, Tissot also has two specialty stores, near Times Square.

Illusion Dreams Needle Irina Svittorina Makes A Stunning Appearance In New York

Eight world top tennis girls will gather together and hold their breath.
Every point is important. If you get the tenth first, you win.
To compete for the final championship.
   This is the charm of the Tie Break Tens. The tennis show at Madison Square Garden in New York attracted much attention. On the occasion of the game, Ulysse Nardin officially announced that it will continue to cooperate with women’s tennis star Elina Svitolina.

   New York, Monday, March 5th-Tie Break Tens shocks New York City! The previous match in Melbourne was a huge success and tickets were sold out early. The Top Ten Tournament came to the United States for the first time, and kicked off Monday night at the landmark Madison Square Garden in New York. This is a women’s tennis match. Eight days away from the International Women’s Day, eight world-class tennis women will gather together to compete on the same stage. Ukrainian legendary female Irina Svittorina is also among them. This season, the 23-year-old female tennis player participated in all trophies and achieved her best record in the women’s tennis career: WTA ranked fourth and has since become a shining star in international tennis.
   ‘This top ten competition provides an opportunity to compete with the world’s top players. It is even more exciting in places like the landmark Madison Garden Plaza,’ said Svittorina. ‘This kind of physical demanding The format of the competition is a great challenge for the players, but I believe that my spirit of competition and strong will definitely help me. I am honored to wear the Athenian watch. I think that every top athlete is asleep in his heart. With a skilled watchmaker. Self-control, time control and unremitting pursuit and love for perfection. Whether on the tennis court or in the field of high-end watches, precise and extraordinary skills, beautiful posture and outstanding performance Is the key. ‘

   Because of her unremitting efforts, constantly surpassing herself and bravely breaking away from her comfort zone, Svittorina has proved her strength with her results: she has become the most noticed strength female player in the WTA Tour.
   ‘I’m excited to continue working with Svetolina,’ said Patrick Pruniaux, chief executive of Athenian Watch. ‘We need a partner with determination, leadership and ambition like Svitolina to help us attract A bold and bold young man today. Thank you for joining our team, dear Svetolina, welcome! ‘
   On the occasion of this event, Svittorina wore her classic jade watch, a 37 mm diameter stainless steel round watch with a blue alligator leather strap. The brand is located in Le Roque The watch factory was built and exhibited at the SIHH exhibition in Geneva in January 2018.