Parmigiani Ovale ‘zoom’ Freely

The Ovale watch series is an innovative journey of Parmigiani, and this watch, like many other models, originates from the restored watch. The oval antique pocket watch created by the British jeweller Vardon & Stedman with retractable hands is a true heritage of watchmaking. It was restored in 1997 at Parmigiani in Fleurier. The design of this pocket watch is wild: charming ovals and magical complications. Two retractable hands can be extended along the oval contour of the case. When passing through a number of time scales, it shows the passage of time. With the little-known complex device of the scaler, this pocket watch seems to have life, telling us the secret of time.

The highlight of the new Ovale Pantographe is undoubtedly the complex device of the scaler that controls the zoom of the hands and represents the passage of time vividly

The new Ovale watch and the prestigious scaler complex represent two iconic features of Parmigiani. First of all, the brand’s complete independence, which is reflected in its vertical production facilities, and enables Parmigiani to remanufactured truly unique large and complex device components and create shapes that are most faithful to the original. The second characteristic is the inseparable connection between Parmigiani and the restoration of watches and clocks. The extraordinary timepieces made by the predecessors are an invaluable combination of knowledge and craftsmanship, telling us the importance of superb craftsmanship and providing an inexhaustible source of inspiration for contemporary watches. Just like oval antique pocket watches and its modern models, Parmigiani’s restoration work is an ongoing dialogue between historical masterpieces and future watchmaking explorations.
Scaler complex
The highlight of this new Ovale Pantographe is undoubtedly the complex device of the scaler that controls the zoom of the hands and represents the passage of time vividly. The pointer is mounted on the scaler, a device that gives it a telescopic function, and uses the principle of the length x to specify the coefficient to achieve movement at the farther or closer points of the ellipse. At the specific mechanical level, the cam located in the center of the movement determines the length of the entire hand and will stretch X times. In other words, this central cam measurement provides the information needed to move the hands and adjust the length of the hands according to the contour of the dial. This orbit and telescope have been carefully calculated to form a perfect, harmonious ellipse for the movement of the pointer. In addition, computer simulations ensure that the minute hand will never be shorter than the hour hand after the telescope, that is, there will be no confusion such as 12:15 and 3 o’clock.

 The basic movement used by Ovale Pantographe is the earliest movement created by the Parmigiani brand: the PF110 movement specially designed for the Hebdomadaire series. With the advent of retractable pointer modules, a new movement called PF111 combines a retractor on a manually wound movement with an 8-day power reserve

The beauty of the oval
The new Parmigiani Ovale watch series comes in several models, but all come with a unique oval case component. Michelle. Mr. Parmigiani and his team have conducted extensive research to design a perfect oval that is harmoniously proportioned and ergonomic. The main challenge in the research and development process is how to inject masculine temperament into this rounded case with feminine femininity. The oval watch series also achieves a perfect balance in gender, which is due to a number of key decisions in appearance.

Ovale Pantographe is available in rose and platinum

The first is to choose the oval shape. This decision avoids a pure oval like the handle of a basket, for example, an oval that stretches outward and looks more masculine. Afterwards, the ideal ratio must be determined between the watch case components and the bezel so that it can echo the relatively thick profile of the watch. To this end, we found a dividing line between the two major parts, creating an elegant image with sufficient height, adding a finishing touch to the rounded shape. In the end, the product has a sharp appearance through the orderly chamfering of the surfaces. This process is used to create angles and straighten rounded lines, and the resulting light effect creates a sharp look, injecting masculinity into Sona. The watch uses the same design logic as the Bugatti Supersport watch. This round watch also adds straight lines and angles, creating a light effect that makes the product more refined and gives it a masculinity. Therefore, like a telescopic pointer, the design of the Ovale series is a delicate and balanced combination of arcs and straight lines, reflecting the harmonious beauty of various styles and pretentious elegance.

Omega Tape Hippocampus Can Still Be Fired Without Frying?

It is not too late to get to the topic. I originally planned to write a complicated watch today, but in the end I didn’t stop the ‘temptation’ of Omega and decided to write the hippocampus. Omega is one of the watches I like to write very much. Various complex watches look interesting, but it doesn’t make sense to write them because there are too few people to buy them. Omega mainstream watch is right next to your brothers. If you like it, you can buy it immediately. I wrote about the new 2017 version of the Seahorse Aqua Terra (referred to as the Hippocampus AT) before, but at that time, the new version of the Seahorse AT was just announced, and it was not even on the official website at that time. The 2017 version of the hippocampus is now available, and Omega has added a tape version to the new version of Aqua Terra (the tape version is also the main model and advertising model). So, I want to talk to you about what I know.

Omega’s new hippocampal Aqua Terra tape version.
This time I want to change the order, let’s talk about market conditions first.

   As the main model of Omega, the hottest and most important one of the Omega 2017 hippocampus is the blue tape hippocampus. Before the 2017 hippocampus AT remodeling, the hippocampus AT was mainly two versions, steel belts and belts, and tape was mainly used in the marine universe. We all know that tape is generally used on professional diving watches. This time, Omega equipped the hippocampus AT with tape to make the hippocampus AT look more sporty (note that it just looks because the hippocampus AT is not a professional diving watch). Blue needle and blue belt, the value of the burst table.
   Because the new watch Haima just launched, the number is still relatively small. Omega dealer counter, we can see the new version of the hippocampus, steel belt, belt, blue tape version is usually out of stock. A small amount of blue tape version is mainly concentrated in Omega’s direct stores. Which stores are directly managed by Omega? Take Beijing as an example. Wangfujing apm, Dongfang Xintiandi and SKP’s Omega are all directly operated stores. Although there are many blue tape posters for the hippocampus, the watches that actually appear in the store are not particularly many. Interested brothers can go straight to the Omega-operated store. One detail to note is that the Omega Blue Tape Hippocampus AT also has different color matching (gray disk blue needle, blue disk gray needle, blue disk blue needle), there are blue second hands, there are ordinary color second hands, please pay attention to distinguish.

Omega’s new version of the seahorse Aqua Terra.
   The above is the situation of the specialty store, and the following I will talk about the situation of the secondary market. Although I am also a fan, Omega is one of my most respected watches. Compared with Rolex, Omega’s most generous place is the stable and adequate supply, and does not engage in Rolex’s ‘hunger marketing’. Omega is very friendly to the broad masses of the people, we can buy whatever you like. Unlike Rolex, ‘there are no watches in the store, there are no watches in the store’, these are not a thing for players at all, but for the general public, it is difficult to buy watches in Rolex stores. Currently outside the store, I have also seen that some watchmakers have received the Omega Blue Tape Seahorse AT, and I find the market to be good. The domestic price of the blue tape hippocampus is 40500, which is cheaper than the previous generation hippocampus. Under the factors of exchange rate and discount (because it is a new watch, there is no second-hand factor), the price is good, although it is a new watch and popular watch of Omega, the market is higher than the general situation of Omega (more expensive than the previous generation of steel belt 2 , 3,000 yuan), but it is still easy to get started (players who are familiar with the Omega market and experienced, in fact, without me, you can calculate the approximate market by yourself).
Let’s take a look at this piece of tape.

   There are three types of tape. One is that, like Blancpain 50 噚 and Omega’s ‘Dark Sea Black’, the inner layer is rubber, but a layer of canvas is wrapped on the outside, and it is not visible from the surface. One is like Hublot. Although it is tape, it is embossed with a crocodile leather pattern on the outside, and it looks very similar to a crocodile belt. The last type is pure tape such as the new watch hippocampus AT. The first two have a more formal feel because of the extra processing of the tape (wrapping canvas, embossing), which can be convenient for formal dressing. Pure tapes such as the Omega New Seahorse are generally used for professional diving watches, such as the Ocean Universe and IWC Aquatimer, which have a strong sense of movement.

A rubber strap for the new Omega Seamaster AT.
   The blue tape of the new version of the Omega Haima AT advertising model, the actual color I feel darker than some pictures. It’s beautiful to get started. A tape can generally be used for 2 or 3 years. The price of this Omega tape is okay, and it costs more than 1,000 yuan for one. The strap itself is a consumable, so change it.

Omega always looks more luxurious than its peers.
   I don’t know why, every time I hold Omega, I always feel that this watch brings us a more luxurious sense than its price. I always feel that Omega looks more luxurious than similar watches. Later, I thought about it myself, and I found that Omega’s treatment of the case and the dial is more careful, so it makes people look very luxurious. Watch case processing is nothing more than two, brushed and polished. Many watch cases are brushed over a large area, and the entire watch is matte and does not appear shiny. For other watches, the overall polishing, although the watch looks very bright, but because of the large polishing area, it is very easy to leave scratches and show old. Omega’s new version of the hippocampus AT is a brushed side of the case and a polished bezel. The side drawing, in fact, a very important role is to prevent scratching (this is a point raised by a foreigner, I think, it makes sense), because the drawing is matte, it is not obvious after scratching, and it is not easy to appear old. The bezel and lugs are polished and the watch looks bright. And because the bezel of the hippocampus AT is relatively wide, and the lugs are also polished, the polished area is large and the sense of luxury is strong. In addition, please note that the new version of the hippocampus AT has two sizes, 41 and 38. The previous hippocampus was 41.5 and 38.5, and the size of the new version has been slightly reduced.

Various versions of Omega’s new version of the hippocampus AT, we can see the effect of various straps.
   In addition to the case, Omega’s decoration on the dial is in place, and the dial is patterned. A major change in the new version of the hippocampus AT is to change the vertical dial of the previous dial to horizontal. In addition, the new version of the Haima AT puts the calendar at 6 o’clock, so the face is very balanced. Omega’s disc texture mimics the ‘yacht deck’ style. In fact, as long as we compare ourselves, we can find that Omega often has relatively complicated dial decoration in watches of the same price and level, whether it is deck stripes or water ripples. The disc stripes and three-dimensional triangular time scales make the watch flicker when light enters. Some watches of the same level are not as luxurious as Omega because they use a lacquered dial and printed hour markers. The dial is relatively simple and not conducive to reflecting light.
   The reasonable combination of polished and brushed case and the relatively complicated dial decoration make Omega stand out from other luxury watches of the same class.

Omega has completely replaced the 8900 movement on the new version of the hippocampus AT.

Calibre 8900 used by Omega’s new hippocampus AT.
   To be honest, the Omega movement has been updated quickly in the past two years, and more new numbers have been used. We know that the Omega Haima AT has always used the 8500 movement. After Omega popularized the 15,000 Gaussian anti-magnetic coaxial technology, although the Haima AT also upgraded to the coaxial coaxial movement, the movement number has not changed, it is still 8500. In the new version of the hippocampus AT, Omega changed the movement number and started using the 8900 movement. Prior to this, Omega Zunba used 8901, the ocean space ‘deep sea black’ GMT used 8906. The configuration of the 8900 movement used in the new version of the hippocampus AT is not significantly different from the Zhizheng coaxial version 8500. Omega is likely to use the new movement number directly on the new version of the hippocampus AT, forming a difference from the old model. One can tell at a glance. You do n’t need to pay attention to the words “master co axial” on the surface, the difference is the 15000 Gaussian antimagnetic 8500 or the ordinary 8500. The configuration of the 8900 is as follows, with a diameter of 29 mm, 39 gem shafts, a swing frequency of 25200 times per hour, and a power of 60 hours. , Antimagnetic 15000 Gauss.
Which rivals will the new Omega Haima AT meet?


Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Tudor Golden Axe Needle
   The official price of Omega’s new version of the hippocampus AT is 41200 for steel chain, 40500 for belt, and 40500 for tape. At this price we will encounter many luxury watches. Such as Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new master, and even Tudor’s golden axe needle. The public price of these watches is more than 40,000 yuan. Some brands have a higher positioning than Omega, and some have the same level as Omega, or are lower than Omega. In any case, we have to make compromises for every penny. For example, Jaeger-LeCoultre has a higher brand positioning and a luxurious all-gold automatic tourbillon, so it has to make concessions on the board. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual has all the features of a Rolex classic Oyster watch and white gold hour markers, but has to cancel the calendar and cancel the fine adjustments on the buckle. At the same price, Omega can always bring us more, brand status, watch decoration, movement configuration, have not compromised, and maintain sufficient supply. This is my favorite place for Omega.

Classic And Timeless Memorial Of High-end Watches Worthy Of A Lifetime Collection

At the spire of this pyramid of top watch collections, there is always a class of treasures that are still waiting for collectors all over the world during the brewing stage—a symbol of the most precious platinum watch, which is recognized by major brands every year. The top brands are launched in special limited editions and commemorative models, with rare and precious pieces.

   Since the ancient watchmaker Vacheron Constantin began to use platinum in 1820, elegant, rare and precious platinum has been widely used in the top watchmaking field, not only because of its excellent characteristics such as toughness, durability, temperature and wear resistance. It coincides with the pursuit of quality of top brands, and because in this fast-changing world, only precious and timeless, luxurious and low-key such as platinum are the most suitable for witnessing the most important moments in life. In the latest watch series launched by major top brands, platinum has laid a noble and elegant supreme style for each high-end watch, which is worthy of a lifetime collection.

Nostalgic classics

   Platinum, natural pure white, durable and wear-resistant, lasting value for years, but its color and quality are constant forever, so the platinum case can not only show the unique personality of different movements, protect the movement sturdy, but also for the manufacture Watchmakers provide additional value-witnessing the most important moments of the brand, making it a classic and eternal memorial.

Sotirio Bulgari platinum watch

In 2009, at the 125th anniversary of Bulgari, Bulgari produced a series of commemorative watches to pay tribute to its founder, Mr. Sotirio Bulgari, one of which uses Platinum case, limited edition of 30 pieces, each containing a unique number, with tourbillon and perpetual calendar functions, can automatically display the year, month and leap year changes.

Case: Platinum, round case, sapphire crystal case back, which shows the movement of the movement.

Dial: black rhodium-plated multi-layer dial, Newsaw pattern, opal decoration, hollow rod hands, rectangular and rod scales, large Roman numerals at 12 o’clock.

Movement: self-winding mechanical movement with tourbillon, 465 parts, 46 jewel bearings, 64-hour power reserve, 21,600 vibrations per hour.

Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, perpetual calendar.


Arceau skeleton saddle platinum watch

Hermès first launched a platinum watch with an aesthetic concept that is obvious: the visual movement is carefully carved and decorated, the dial is decorated with a delicate and exquisite dark brown enamel, and the crocodile leather strap also uses the same hue. The balance wheel is engraved with Hermes’s equestrian logo, a horse stable engraving.

Case: Platinum, round case, sapphire crystal case back, which shows the movement of the movement.

Dial: Hollow movement window, large fire enamel hour hand, leaf hands, Arabic numerals.

Movement: self-winding mechanical movement, 200 parts, 32 gem bearings, 55-hour power reserve, 28,800 vibrations per hour.

Function: hour and minute display.

Patek Philippe

Ref. 5074P platinum watch

The 42mm platinum case has a magnificent appearance, and its left slider can activate two church piano timepieces. Another complication of this self-winding watch is that the hands can display the day of the week, date, month and leap year, and a perpetual calendar with moon phase display.

Case: Platinum, round case, sapphire crystal back cover to show the movement of the movement, can also be replaced with platinum back cover.

Dial: Ebony black lacquered, leaf-shaped hands, Arabic numerals, track-type minutes.

Movement: Calibre R27Q, self-winding mechanical movement, made in the factory.

Functions: hour, minute, morning / afternoon display, perpetual calendar, moon phase, minute repeater.

Vacheron Constantin

Platinum Collection Patrimony Day and Date Retrograde Platinum Watch

Vacheron Constantin’s collection of classic watches with platinum case and dial is limited to 100 pieces, each with its own serial number. The most notable feature of this watch is the retrograde function of the day and date, and the flyback pointer perfectly combines advanced technology and fashion style. The dark blue crocodile leather strap is hand-stitched with a blend of silk and platinum.

Case: Platinum, round case, platinum case back.

Dial: polished platinum, rod-shaped hands, arrow-shaped, round and rod-shaped graduations.

Movement: self-winding mechanical movement, Geneva mark, 27 jewel bearings, 40-hour power reserve, 28,800 vibrations per hour.

Functions: hour, minute, day of the week and date display, retrograde hand.

Dior Viii Elegant Watch Creates White Romantic Winter

Xuejing’s Dior VIII white watch creates a white romantic winter atmosphere. The Grand Bal watch is inspired by the brand’s precious haute couture inspiration and Mr. Christian Dior’s love for the ball. It is equipped with an exclusive patented DIOR Inversé machine. The core, the concept of the skirt rotating with the dance steps is embodied in the watch design, inspiring the excellent idea of ​​putting a functional automatic dial upside down on the front dial. The swinging oscillating weight is reminiscent of a delicate custom dress skirt. The innovative technological invention and its creative concept perfectly combine the Swiss cutting-edge watchmaking technology with the rich creativity of Paris.

Dior VIII Grand Bal Resille screen lace watch, white gold and diamonds

Dior VIII Grand Bal Plume gold feather watch, rose gold dial with gold feathers and diamonds

Dior VIII Grand Bal Plume et Nacre watch, white gold automatic dial with double violet feathers and diamonds

Dior VIII 33MM watch with ceramic and steel case set with diamond and quartz movement

The Combination Of Brilliance And Elegance Tasting Patek Philippe’s Complication Timepiece Series World Time Watch

For modern ladies, the meaning of a wrist watch is no longer as simple as a timing tool, but also the wearer’s own unique charm and taste. The design of this type of watch has also changed, abandoning the traditional non-gold and diamond stacking, and thus paying more attention to the presentation of practical functions and exclusive styles. This is the case of Patek Philippe, the top Swiss watchmaking brand. Based on the traditional classic watchmaking aesthetics, it integrates complex functions other than time display and simple date display into the new ladies’ timepieces, and then uses luxury precious metals and bright Diamond embellishment creates a masterpiece for the elegant lady of the modern city. In 2017, Patek Philippe launched the World Series Timepiece in white gold at the annual Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair. The high-cold white gold case is set with sparkling diamonds, which integrates world-time functions. Decorated with blue-gray hand-carved patterns, the elegant tones under the shiny diamonds are impressive. Let’s enjoy this watch together: (watch model: 7130 7130G-014)

Twenty-four hour world time and day and night display

   Patek Philippe World Time is also known by collectors as ‘Heure Universelles (World Time)’ and is one of the brand’s most popular complication watches. In addition, brand watchmakers have added ingenuity here, integrating the day and night display function on the world time indicator dial. Through simple observation, users can intuitively judge where they are and the remaining 23 time zones. Time and day and night conditions make the world under control.

Watch real show

White gold case with diamonds 36 mm diameter
   This time, the case with 62 diamonds is made of 18K white gold and polished by a polishing process. It not only shines, but also gives the beauty of perfect and smooth lines.

   From the side of the watch, the 18K white gold case is fuller and more exquisite, blending perfectly with the lugs and full of perception. The platinum crown is engraved with the classic logo of Patek Philippe ‘Calatrava Doji’, showing the beauty of brand recognition. Surrounded by non-slip texture, the feel is first-rate, making time debugging more convenient.

   On the mature, elegant blue-gray dial, the two hands in the central hour and minute and the solid gold hour markers complement each other, making the indication of the time in the first time zone more clear and intuitive. The center plate is decorated with hand-carved patterns, which is full of ornamental. Only through the simple debugging of the 10-point single-button city button, the time in the twenty-four time zone and the local day and night conditions can be clearly displayed, simplifying the complicated world time adjustment operation, making world time clear at this moment.

   Through the sapphire crystal transparent cover, the Patek Philippe Cal.240 HU self-winding movement appears in front of the eyes, like a gold pendulum full of agility, engraved with the classic logo of Patek Philippe ‘Calatrava Doji’, showing a unique recognition beauty . It is in a corner, not overwhelming, and complements other parts, which makes people stand out. The Patek Philippe imprint is engraved on the splint, guaranteeing the watch’s excellent performance. This watch has a 48-hour power reserve and a daily water resistance rating of 30 meters.

   The bright peacock blue square scale crocodile leather strap is decorated with the same color hand stitching, which is elegant and generous.

   The 18K white gold pin buckle is also set with 27 diamonds, echoing the case, showing the overall aesthetic of the watch.

Patek Philippe Complication Timepiece World Time

Summary: Under the illumination of the light source, the visual effects of the hand-decorated pattern and the blue-gray bezel are more charming, blending with the bright peacock-colored watch, creating a unique look and feel. Echoing the 18K white gold diamond case, you want it now. If you like this precious work on your wrist, you may wish to pay more attention to it. Watch price: RMB 384,300

Blancpain Moon Phase Watches Rich And Stylish Watches, Just Like This

Cars, wine, and watches are unspoken games among modern elites. From the perspective of ingenuity and appearance rate, the in-person watch undoubtedly prevails.
  From the development to the birth of a mechanical watch, in addition to its timekeeping mission, there are two other labels that follow the shadow: one is a symbol of wealth, and the other is a declaration of taste. In other words, when buying a mechanical watch, the elite’s brain is not only thinking about the strength and comprehensive functions of the movement. What ultimately made them pay for it may be an inadvertent sentence by others: ‘This only The owner of the watch must be very tasteful. ‘
  If the material foundation is a private jet, a good aesthetic is like the most advanced navigation instrument, which determines which direction you go and whether you can see good scenery. Wealth and taste are never contradictory, but they are also the most difficult to balance. Elites who are proficient in social means know that financial affirmation is given to themselves, but taste affirmation is a process of conquering others with details.
  Therefore, a watch that has both wealth and taste must have a very high ‘comprehensive quality’: it should come from a very dynamic high-end brand, and the quality is among the best in the industry; it is not a style that is everywhere, low-key but others at a glance You can recognize it; the design is not too exaggerated, the material shows strength; expensive but definitely rational consumption, people who are proficient in watches think that it has a certain collection value. If you can go further than this benchmark and share a legendary story as an extension, you will become the absolute protagonist in this social occasion.
  Among the many masterpieces of Blancpain, ‘the creator of classic timepieces’, if you want to choose the watch that best fits the theme of ‘rich and rich’, Blancpain Villeret classic series that has won the ‘HauteTime Best Watch of the Year’ Carrousel Moon Phase Watch, the first selected.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Carrousel Moon Phase Watch in Red Gold
Rare in the world, precious
  ‘One Minute Flying Caruso’ is the proud invention of Blancpain, and it is also a super-complex mechanical watch function rarer than the tourbillon. Carloso was born to offset the gravity and make the clocks move more accurately. However, due to the high cost and complicated technology, they rarely appeared in the market. After the Carrousel function has been sealed for more than a century, Blancpain launched the ‘one-minute flying Carrousel’ in 2008, once again pushing this large complex function to the forefront of watchmaking. Blancpain groundbreakingly increased the speed of the traditional Carloso 52-minute revolution to the same one-minute revolution as the tourbillon, giving Caruso an excellent viewing performance comparable to the tourbillon. In 2008, Blancpain’s masterpiece ‘Qian Kun Caruso’ watch was permanently collected by the Palace Museum, proving that Caruso’s preciousness is rare and infinite collection value.

Blancpain One-minute Flight Carrousel
Classic moon phase, rejuvenated
  If Caruso’s function is to make Blancpain stand out in the history of mechanical watchmaking, the moon phase is Blancpain’s ‘housekeeping skill’. The moon phase was another complex function that was buried. It was re-interpreted by Blancpain in the early 1980s, and was reborn. Under the then ‘Quartz Storm’, Blancpain’s move brought the world’s attention back again. The field of mechanical watchmaking, thus leading the renaissance of mechanical watchmaking. Blancpain has the complete moon phase family in the world’s top watchmaking industry, with five classic facial expressions, which is Blancpain’s ‘second logo’.

5 classic moon phase expressions from Blancpain
See at a glance, intriguing
  Blancpain Villeret classic series Carrousel moon phase watch, inherits the Villeret classic series’ consistent signature aesthetics, low-key and elegant without losing recognition, no matter from a distance or close look at a glance. The iconic ‘double bezel’ is embedded with a slightly arched dome-shaped large fire enamel dial, the snake-shaped blue steel hands indicate the date of the outer ring of the dial, and the hollow willow-shaped hour and minute hands gracefully sweep the Roman numerals on the dial. . The delicate white dial with a Carrousel window at 12 o’clock, perfectly presents the Carrousel frame stage and its complex mechanical structure, echoing the moon phase window at 6 o’clock. Through the sapphire glass case back, the hollow gold automatic tourbillon is smart and light, and the entire movement decorated with Geneva ripples can be seen at a glance.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Carrousel Moon Phase Watch in Red Gold
Subtleties, glimpses of skill
  Take the Blancpain Villeret classic series Carrousel moon phase watch and enjoy it. Every detail in the eyes is a test of the watchmaking process. For example, the seemingly low-key double-layer bezel must maintain 360-degree concentric circular layers and layers, and the height and distance between arcs and arcs must be equal. The requirements for manual polishing and sanding are extremely high. The thin and thin shape of the willow needles “narrow front and back and middle wide” must be hand-crafted, and hollowing out on this basis is even more difficult. Warm and jade-like large open flame enamel plates, elegant Roman numeral scales are hand-painted and fired. The entire firing process must be completed at a high temperature of 800 degrees Celsius or higher to maintain the color transparency and long-lasting … The triple functions of moon, moon phase and date display, under the premise of high watch stability requirements, it also has a power reserve of up to 5 days, giving the wearer full confidence.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Carrousel Moon Phase Watch in Platinum
  If you encounter someone who wears this Blancpain Villeret classic series Carrousel Moon Phase watch, please don’t slap your praise, not only because he is ‘rich and valuable’, but also because he knows how to appreciate precious things, more than others It is easy to appreciate the art of life and appreciate the wonders of the world.

Exquisite And Elegant Style Baume & Mercier Clezmer Series Men’s Watch

In people’s life, there are many moments worth celebrating, and people often choose a suitable gift for themselves or each other to express precious memories. As a century-old masterpiece of time-honored craftsmanship, the watch retains those eternal and immortal times, and makes this precious emotion stay with the wrist. We all know that Baume & Mercier, a well-known Swiss watchmaking brand, always insists on celebrating every precious moment in life. As a result, Baume & Mercier watches are characterized by simplicity, elegance, and understated luxury. ——Classima is the perfect choice for condensing preciousness. This series of watches show elegant examples everywhere. In this article, the editor will introduce a men’s watch from the Chrysmak series, the official model: MOA10263.

 The luxurious and noble, yet affordable, Clemasme watch is loved by young people. It represents a bright future and symbolizes a new life full of hope, challenge and enthusiasm. The current reference price of this watch is Only 16,600 yuan, so for young people entering the workplace, this watch is the most suitable.

Baume & Mercier Clésmeil series men’s watch Official model: MOA10263
 Below, the editor introduces you more details of this MOA10263 watch:

Stainless steel case diameter 40mm

 This elegant men’s watch from the Chrysmak collection is elegant and elegant. The round case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 8.95 mm. The case is polished and polished to give it outstanding quality and attractive texture. The lines of the watch are clean and neat, and you can glimpse the moving gracefulness under the wearer’s cuff, inspiring yourself to cherish time.

 The watch is paired with a silvery-white dial with a delicate linear pattern in the center for extra elegance. Three gold-plated hands rotate elegantly with the passage of time in the center of the dial, accurately counting the changes of hours, minutes, and seconds. They are also equipped with gold-plated Roman numerals and engravings. The date display window at 3 o’clock is simple and practical. More chic style.


 The watch comes with a brown alligator leather strap and an adjustable triple pleated safety buckle.

 A polished stainless steel round case with an understated and exquisite appearance, equipped with a self-winding movement, the movement’s oscillating weight is individually decorated with a spiral pattern and ‘Geneva ripple’, using 26 stones and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / Hour, can provide 38 hours of power reserve for the watch.
Summary: The Baume & Mercier Clésmeer series of men’s watches is low-key and timeless, without losing modern fashion, continuing the brand’s consistent philosophy, demonstrating male charm, and witnessing the success and reputation of individuals. Watches will be the lucky thing for the wearer.

Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument: Another Gorgeous ‘spider’ Weaves A Gorgeous Spider Web At The 2015 Asian High-end Watch & Clock Fair

Dubuis has long proved with facts: his timepieces always go far beyond the combined effects of mechanical parts. No matter how complicated the movement is and how many components it contains, it is always gorgeous with bold innovation. The face is presented before the world. With this premise, Roger
Dubuis launched the Excalibur King Series watch in 2005, and released the Quatuor four balance spring watch in this series in 2013, and launched the Spider skeleton watch in 2015; the brand is also at the same time The pocket watch industry has made some achievements, and now it is even more important in the 2015 watch and miracle-Asia’s Fine Watch Fair (WATCHES & WONDERS
2015) proudly launched the Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument.

 Innovation Quartet
After the grand launch of the Quatuor four balance spring watch in 2013, it was favored by many timepiece enthusiasts and connoisseurs for its ‘Ultimate Challenge to the Effect of Gravity’, which made them fortunate to appreciate the operation of the RD101 movement quartet. People are fascinated and admired. Excalibur
Spider Pocket Time
The most noticeable part of the movement carried by Instrument’s timepiece is the four balance springs, which work in pairs and can immediately offset the running errors caused by position changes. This highly efficient quartet enables the movement to achieve an amazing frequency of 16 Hz, thus ensuring impeccable travel time accuracy.

RD101 movement
 In addition, patented Roger
Dubuis Roger Dubuis dual moon-shaped storage display, it is creative, accurate and reliable, beautiful and intuitive expression of the time remaining in the watch’s stored power. In order to make this movement beyond the group, Roger
Based on the representative dual flying tourbillon technology developed in 2005, Dubuis started a 7-year R & D process and created five sets of differentials, which once again enhanced the 590-component Precision and reliability of the movement.
 The interpretation of the Spider hollow timepiece
 The exclusive technical features of the ExcaliburQuatuor watch have never been seen before, combined with Roger
The Spider skeleton concept introduced by Dubuis in 2015 presented a stunning new look. Excalibur
The Spider watch reflects the timeless nature theme through the fine weaving of the spider web, bringing an innovative and comprehensive interpretation of the hollowed-out art, extending this art beyond the movement, creating a hollowed-out case, bezel and Hands, even the crown.

Dubuis created a contemporary skeletonized movement with architectural beauty for the watchmaking industry, and now has a new interpretation of the creation of this 100% skeletonized timepiece. Such a concerted commitment to watchmaking fits perfectly with Roger
All of Dubuis’ timepieces are certified by the Geneva Seal for their relentless spirit. Applying such avant-garde skills to the design of the watch obviously provides a perfect presentation for the ultimate quality of the timepiece.
 Mr Gregory Bruttin, director of production strategy for the brand, was asked about Excalibur
In the meaning of the word ‘Spider’ in the name of the Spider series, he always mentioned ‘the patience, rigor and innovation in the silkwork woven by resourceful spiders. They are new and complex every day. Weaving patterns with patterns, and constantly making and adjusting their craft creations according to the new environmental situation. This is the same as ours at Roger
Dubuis works very similarly. In this brand new watch series, we not only try our best to make use of the expertise and knowledge we have accumulated in the hollow-out process, but also apply it to all aspects of the watch. ‘
 From your wrist to your arms: Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument
 Some would call it the world’s best product at this time, while others would consider it ‘pure’ to reflect the true meaning of its polysyllable name. Excalibur Spider Pocket Time
The Instrument Pocket Time Chronometer features the design features of the Excalibur King series, including an avant-garde grooved bezel and an easy-to-grab crown.

 Due to the RD101 movement, this pocket watch also has the extraordinary performance of Quatuor four balance spring watch and mechanical device full of architectural beauty. It was launched with the Excalibur at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2015
Like the Spider watch, it is made of contemporary high-tech titanium alloy. It not only incorporates the hollow-out concept of the Spider model into its design, but also surpasses it, and hollows out the crown protection device at 12 o’clock. In addition, this timepiece, modeled on a typical pocket watch, has a large case with a diameter of 60 mm. The recessed treatment on the side highlights the hollow-out effect.
 Relative to Excalibur
Quatuor watch, this dial extends greatly outward to release more space to show the charming and complex look of the movement. This bold and true-to-life approach echoes exactly the second half of its name, ‘Time
‘Instrument time meter’ meaning.
Perfect contradiction: chain or base, unlimited creative freedom
 The concept of this work goes far beyond the creation of ordinary timepieces, and it turns out to be a real mechanical work of art, a carefully designed timepiece that can be viewed from all angles. Whether it’s hanging on a bracelet that gives the legendary pocket watch a contemporary look, or hanging on a special base, Excalibur
Spider Pocket Time Instrument enjoys extraordinary creative freedom.

 The hollow-out art is fully played here. Its chain structure is presented in a volume that is between reality and reality, while its delicately carved base and the timepiece are delicately integrated into an inseparable and complete work. This symbolic base is reminiscent of the device used by a watchmaking workshop to measure accuracy, and the beautiful lines and cutouts of its bracket can add glory to any elegant interior space.
 Finally, it must be emphasized that this new superb timepiece can effectively offset the impact of gravity on the accuracy of the timepieces that are often placed vertically, thereby complimenting the watchmaking tradition and the original mission of the tourbillon. Its Quatuor four-spring balance wheel technology that challenges the gravity, naturally presents Pocket under the packaging of the Spider hollow design concept and the classic styling elements of the Excalibur King series.
The appearance of the time instrument in Time Instrument’s arms provides the most exquisite contemporary interpretation of the superior craftsmanship of horology.
   Watch House Watch Special Report team will continue to send you the freshest and most up-to-date watch information. If you want to know more about the 2015 Hong Kong Watch Fair, please pay attention to the report topic of ‘Watches and Miracles’.

The General Trend Long Power Reserve Is Becoming The Norm

For a long time, the movement of mechanical movements was limited to two days. With the lapse of time and technological progress, its autonomous performance is gradually improving, and now there is no need to wind it up again. Continuous operation for three, eight, or even ten days is no longer a patent of the elite circle. This is a major trend in the watchmaking industry: the longest power reserve continues to climb to new heights, and the records of the past are successively broken; at the same time, the types of movements with 70 to 240 hours of power reserve are becoming more abundant and the price is getting more and more People-friendly, moving towards a simpler, broader and more practical direction.
   For a long time, the 45-hour power reserve is standard. It is less than two days from the full-string state to the end of kinetic energy, and the accuracy of the last few hours is often unsatisfactory. After being full last Friday evening, it won’t last until the next Monday morning. The need to rewind at the beginning of the work week is an important psychological reference point. The power reserve is too short, which means that when gardening or sports activities on the weekend, the wearer also needs to take care of his watch.
Hamilton watch with 80-hour power reserve automatic movement, affordable and very practical

Chopard watch with 01.01-C basic movement, 60 hours power reserve

   Watches equipped with a power reserve of two days or more are often expensive and sometimes even expensive. With 72 hours of Lange, the eight-day power reserve of Chopard, Panerai and Henry Moser, the movement is exquisite in workmanship and excellent in performance, yet the price is prohibitive.
Bvlgari Finissimo ultra-thin movement, only 2.23 mm thick, 70 hours power reserve

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari titanium carbon fiber watch with Unico movement, 72 hours power reserve

   But things have changed now. The first is the advent of a new generation of movements with 60 to 70 hours of power reserve. And not all movements are expensive. The Hamilton H30 movement can provide 80 hours of power reserve, which is very affordable. The self-made movement MT5621 introduced by Tudor also has a power reserve of 70 hours. Prior to this, Chopard was also 01.01 The -C basic movement is equipped with a 60-hour power reserve. While successfully expanding the movement’s mainspring capacity, it insisted on reasonable pricing so that customers would not be left aside.
Tudor watch with MT5621 movement, 70 hours power reserve

Zenith watch with Elite 6150 ultra-thin automatic movement, power reserve up to 100 hours

   This trend also extends to the high-end market. Hublot’s unique Unico movement directly increases the power reserve to 72 hours. The Bulgari-made Finissimo ultra-thin movement is only 2.23 mm thick and has a power reserve of up to 70 hours. Zenith’s new 6150 movement, equipped with a dual barrel, provides 100 hours of power reserve. Although not cheap, it represents a key step in the evolution of Zenith Elite movements for more than 20 years, and it also reflects the inevitable trend of the entire industry.
Panerai watch with P.5000 movement, eight days power reserve

Oris 110 movement power reserve for ten days, reasonable price, bring the biggest surprise

   The trend continues to spread, Panerai P.5000 movement achieves eight-day power reserve, strong applicability, and the price is comparable to models that can only provide three-day power reserve. When the biggest surprise came to Pride, the 110 movement with a single barrel has a power reserve of up to ten days and the price is very attractive. I wonder if this is enough to cause more high-end brands to pay attention to reconsidering the pricing strategy of such movement watches?

Dark Blue Elegant Style Tasting Iwc Portuguese Series Chronograph

As one of IWC’s iconic watches, the Portuguese series chronograph watch has been enthusiastically sought after by many watch enthusiasts due to its simple and bright overall layout and elegant and distinctive design style. It has become one of the ideal wrist watches in their hearts. In late 2017, the brand once again infused fresh blood with this highly recognizable series, incorporating deep and stylish blue elements into the new dials of IWC Portuguese Chronograph, a new interpretation of the new blue classic. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that the brand has equipped the Portuguese chronograph with a blue dial. Under the light, the blue dial also shows a gradual effect, exuding a unique distinguished style. Let’s take a look together: (watch model: IW371491)

Deep blue crowning the brave


   IWC has an inextricable relationship with navigation. During the great development of maritime sports, IWC Portuguese series watch brands have won the favor of navigators because of their extraordinary creativity, quality technology and stable and reliable practicability. As a result, many classic models were born, which are impressive. More than 50 years ago, IWC pioneered the trend of pioneeringly drawing blue into the dial and designing it at the helm. And IWC IWC Portuguese series chronograph, design spirit is derived from the various nautical instruments used by the great navigators to explore the world. In the past, the classic watch face was mostly presented in white and black. This time, the classic design of the series is combined with the blue elements that symbolize the spirit of nautical exploration, adding glory to the classic.

Watch details

   The watch’s 40.9mm case is made of stainless steel, and the bezel and lugs are polished on the front to show a smooth and full arc, which is full of look and feel. The side is brushed and polished, which can effectively reduce the impact of accidental scratches on the overall appearance of the watch, and the post-processing is also more convenient. Seen from the side, the three-dimensional effect of the Arabic hour markers and the bead-like minute markers is very obvious, which adds ornamentality to the surface.

   The stainless steel crown is also polished. It is engraved with the IWC logo and is designed with a non-slip texture. It is comfortable to handle and easy to debug. Above and below are the timing start / pause and timing reset buttons, which are full of operation feeling, showing the connotation of the time-honored mechanical representative function timing.

   Continuing the very coordinated and exquisite dial design of the Portuguese chronograph, such as a narrow bezel that sets off the atmosphere of the dial, an Arabic numeral time scale that enhances the three-dimensional impression of the dial and an inclined inner bezel, and a 30-minute chronograph dial at 6 o’clock and 6 Small seconds at the time mark. The central three hands, the silver hands used to indicate the timing, and the deep color of the disc form a clear and dazzling contrast effect, making the time indication clear and intuitive, while giving a quality look on the wrist.

   The dense bottom craft design effectively guarantees the internal safety of the watch. Equipped with 79350 self-winding movement to ensure the accurate operation of the travel time and timing functions. The watch has a 44-hour power reserve and a daily water resistance of 30 meters.

    The black Santoni crocodile leather strap is decorated with black stitching and natural cracks, which is more fashionable and modest.

   It is equipped with a stainless steel folding clasp with the brand ‘IWC’ logo engraved on the clasp, which echoes the dial and crown, showing the overall unique charm. With a simple buckle, the watch can be worn smoothly.

IWC Portuguese Chronograph

Summary: inheriting the precision mechanical movement and representative elegant appearance design of the series models, and then giving the gradual blue gradient to the dial surface, creating such a unique IWC IWC Portuguese series chronograph, if it is not black That is, the white disk color feels visual fatigue, so it is also very good to choose this one. Now that this watch is also on sale, watch friends who like this watch may wish to enter the brand store to learn more about the details of this watch. Watch price: 56,800